What School Has Done to Me

Thu, Jan 19 § 1 Comment

I’m supposed to be studying for finals, but I ended up making this comic.


And that’s the story of my life so far, I’m becoming a zombie.


2012 Resolutions

Sat, Dec 31 § Leave a comment

And that’s the secret to fulfilling your New Year’s “resolutions.”

Who else just knows 2012 is going to be so much better than 2011?

Time Disappears When You’re on the Web

Fri, Dec 23 § 2 Comments


What a beautifully colored pie chart, inspired by my younger self. :)

Elefante Blanco

Wed, Dec 21 § 2 Comments


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa Cheers

and Spectacular Scintillating Summer in the South!

PS: Search “Hanukkah” on Google!

9 Things I Learned from Watching Barbie

Mon, Nov 28 § 4 Comments

1. All pretty girls wear make-up.

Wear it like this

With friends


And like the children

(I swear even this elephant's eyelashes are too thick!)

2. That one East-Asian looking girl has bangs.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

3. Wear dresses and skirts like there’s no tomorrow.

Props to them! They somehow managed to do back-flips and kick butt with frocks and crinolines on

4. Evil people are old, unattractive, and usually are someone’s mom. They also wear either green, dull gray, purple or a deep orange-red color.

Wearing green, old, some girl's mom

Wearing purple and old

Wearing purple and old

This girl.

5. It’s always good to have a little minion.

Super pets

The pixie servant

And the flying puffball

6. Gotta have the small waist, big butt, and skinny and long legs.



And double check

7. There’s no such thing as aging.


Head mistress

Forty year old mother

8. Go for the white guys.

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

9. I saw it in a movie! I gotta buy it in reality.

Please refer to point 3, picture 3, third character from the left.

Please refer to point 6, picture 3, first character from the left.

Oh yup, time to spend eighty bucks.

But Barbie really isn’t all that bad. She’s a successful woman who has accomplished many things and has had many jobs. Her movies also always have morals like perseverance and believing in your dreams, so there’s a bit of educational value. Besides, Barbie was a part of my childhood, and look at me, I turned out great! (Haha.)

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Sun, Oct 30 § 6 Comments

A Beautiful Pumpkin
In just one day, a national holiday will take place.

The holiday where spook and fun and a fistful of free sugary angel candy is offered. When adults dress up as wanted and clink their wine glasses, teenagers raid parties and haunted houses, and the little evil children run around and plot where to hide their prized candy.

Now that, folks, is the day called Halloween (and a bunch of stereotypes).


Well, I don’t have a costume in mind . . .

And I  wasn’t, er,  invited to any parties . . .

But I do want to go trick-or-treating (Age doesn’t matter, got it!?).

Though . . . I have no one to go with, and it is a school night.

So . . .

This will likely happen:

That’s right. Me relaxing at home in my pajamas, snacking on my precious treats, and ignoring the little disguised devils knocking outside on my door. (Just kidding, just kidding, I love kids.)

So yeah.

That’s my Halloween.

Just joking I actually have a dentist appointment tomorrow.

Must Read

Sun, Oct 16 § 4 Comments


This is why I hesitate on writing actual blog posts.

And here’s the problem. I’m only able to make drawings if:

  1. I have my laptop
  2. I have my mouse
  3. I’m not feeling like I want to sleep

If I’m not making fantastic posts, then it probably means one of the three things are missing.


I totally get annoyed when bloggers blog about their birthday, so I don’t.


Okay I take it back, but get it? Get it? If you get it then you deserve a piece of cake ;-)

Thirdly (This one’s the important one!)

I was thinking about my blog while I was taking a shower (Is it just me or do ideas always come to you when you’re washing your shins?) and I decided it needed a little something.

And that something is (drum roll please) you.

Meaning if you want to co-write, contribute ideas or writings to the blog, then send me a message and I’ll post it up right here. I’ll most definitely credit the writer however way wanted, and if enough people contribute frequently, then we may even start building into a team.

It’s a pretty big idea for me, and quite raw so seriously, what do you think about it?

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