I wish I was a little bit taller…

A super-duper-fantabulous blog that inspired me to create comics too. I   really owe her credit and appreciation.

The Big Sheep Blog

I admire her hardcore writing and frequent updates. I wish she can duplicate some of her skills and embed them to my brain.

Me Vs. The Normal People

The site that harbors amusing posts that I can see totally relating myself. She also makes doodles and drawings (and she was featured in Freshly Pressed at one point — congratz to her!).

Awkward List

His interpretations of awkward happenings are so ridiculously true.

Paroxysm of Outrageous Random News

Five (wait, six) syllables: her blog is gobsmacking. 

The Middlest Sister

Wow. She really has some true arts and craft skills. 


The Oatmeal

I basically got my idea for the archives page because of him, so thanks a bunch. His comics are cool too, though I have to admit, some of his humor is a little too mature for me.


A supercalifragilisticexpialidocious website for students to hang out on. (Btw, I love reading Auntie Sparknote’s posts.)



Just twittering updates for the blog. I do have a personal account, but I don’t use it.


Just the fan page!


Just me not updating very much on here either, ever since their “view new answers from people you know” button got screwed up — which they haven’t fixed for a few months now. 


Just kidding! Hah, Tumblr is stinky cheese.

Oh that’s awk . . . .

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