About Me

I . . .

change this page every once in a while,

really like Jessica Alba’s quote: “My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything”,

floss once and brush twice every day (okay, maybe I miss a few brushes every year or so, and maybe I didn’t brush as much as I wanted to when I was, like, three),

think turquoise, teal, and emerald are pretty colors,

admire Bill Gates,

was fourteen when I started this blog,

want to go to an out-of-state college,

can easily become close friends with the people who know they have “flaws” and not care,

live in the states,

spend too much time on the computer,

would split a million dollars with my family and not touch my portion until I have a real plan about what to do with it, if I were to ever win a million dollars,

can be as serious as a heart attack, as goofy as Goofy, as sleepy as a brown bat (or a giraffe, depending on how you look at it),  and as nice as your grandma (hehe),

don’t like thinking up similes,

and love my frequent visitors.

PS: I am a very busy teenager (darn schoolwork!) so I apologize in advance if you’re ever disappointed about my blog-posting-ditchyness. Please be understanding. :)

– — –

Don’t steal, or else the wrath of Karma  and Guilt will be casted upon you!

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