To the Past!

It’s Summer Time, Yo!

Ever Thought of a Dream House?

Hunger Games Fanatic


It’s a Leap-tastic Year!

9 Reasons Why I LOVE High School

What School Has Done to Me

2012 Resolutions

Time Disappears When You’re on the Web

White Elephant (Elefante Blanco)

9 Things I Learned from Watching Barbie

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Must Read

Let’s Watch Me Eat

Got a Brush?

Disney World’s Magical Memories

Click Here for a FREE Reward of One…

A Newbie’s Hiking Manual

Vancouver, Canada

Why I Hate Family Gatherings

Did Everyone Get a Good Sleep?

What Time Is It? (SUMMERTIME!)

What My Family Always Does

The American Way

I Deserve a Cookie

I Loss My Smartitude for a While

I LOVE Math Tests Compared to Reading Tests

Whatever, It’s the End of May!

The Art of Entertainment Magazines

The Most Loved and Hated: Presents

Loner: the New Loser

Two Things To Talk Tbout

Can You Say “Incompetence” Puh-leeze?

短篇小说”母亲节” A Mother’s Day Story

Cinco de mayo: Oda al chocolate

4 Facebook Annoyances and Happenings

Dear Readers, You Rule

Don’t You Hate When This Happens?

I’m a Blooger Blogger

Darn Dumb Disappointment

Not the Adventures of Anything –

5 Steps to Fixing Those Beat-Up Shoes

That Girl Got Game

The Mornings

April Fool’s Fail

Lesson Learned Later

Stop Irking Me!

Saint Patty’s Day ♣

A Beautiful Quote

Snow Tubing Questions and Answers

3 Things You Should Know…

Let’s Have an Applause for the Women

Confidence Will Bring You Very, Very, Very Far

Justin Bieber is a Singer

“I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” to…

An Adventure of BoogaWooga

His Quote

I Actually Use a Laptop so There’s No Way…

So-Called Album, Feel Free, with Resurge…

A Schleppy Post from a Schleppy Me

Definition of: Schleppy

I Always Drop Things Down the Toilet

A Quote to Remember

First Impressions Aren’t Very Accurate

Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

Dirty-Minded Boys Are NOT Cute

Definition of: Gargantuan

If Only There was a Sleep Button

“Alright” Is Not a Word

What to Do in Four Awkward

Definition of: Vent

Girl in P.E. Class Ticks Me Off

Nearsightedness is Not Fun

I Have a Bad Math Teacher

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