Hunger Games Fanatic

Mon, Apr 30 § 2 Comments

For the last two weeks, I’ve practically been eating the pages from the Hunger Games series.

I usually rebel against trends, but all the talk about this book had me standing on my toes! I tried not to spoil anything from the book, in case you’re hoping to read it one day. But if you’re thinking about getting it from the library–good luck! It took one and a half months for me to get a hold of that thing!

Her Notepad-Hunger Games


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§ 2 Responses to Hunger Games Fanatic

  • Jeyna Grace says:

    Some bandwagons are worth jumping into :)

  • Jack says:

    Don’t find this comment offensive, but I can assure you that the contents you post on your blog can create waves on Tumblr. You’re a casual blogger, and that too a person who posts pics. and comic-strips. These types of things can easily get you tons of visitors there unlike here. You can see Tumblr’s Explore column.

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