Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

Sun, Oct 30 § 6 Comments

A Beautiful Pumpkin
In just one day, a national holiday will take place.

The holiday where spook and fun and a fistful of free sugary angel candy is offered. When adults dress up as wanted and clink their wine glasses, teenagers raid parties and haunted houses, and the little evil children run around and plot where to hide their prized candy.

Now that, folks, is the day called Halloween (and a bunch of stereotypes).


Well, I don’t have a costume in mind . . .

And I  wasn’t, er,  invited to any parties . . .

But I do want to go trick-or-treating (Age doesn’t matter, got it!?).

Though . . . I have no one to go with, and it is a school night.

So . . .

This will likely happen:

That’s right. Me relaxing at home in my pajamas, snacking on my precious treats, and ignoring the little disguised devils knocking outside on my door. (Just kidding, just kidding, I love kids.)

So yeah.

That’s my Halloween.

Just joking I actually have a dentist appointment tomorrow.


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§ 6 Responses to Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

  • I’m hoping this is me on Monday night after doing a short trick or treat with the little ones. I’m shooting for 8pm, Halloween is over for the night and 9pm I’m watching another juicy episode of Hawaii Five-o. Unfortunately, I’m getting requests to join friends at a late night after party. I’m tired just thinking about it.

    • her says:

      Aw, hopefully your Halloween will go as planned! Coincidentally a short Hawaii Five-o commercial just appeared on tv; it does seem juicy!

  • gwhang says:

    LOL. There were way too many kids that were way too old to be Trick Or Treating that showed up at my door. I didn’t want to give them candy :P

  • blogger x says:

    When is the next post? Happy Turkey Day!

    • her says:

      Aw I’m sorry it’s been taking such a long time. Btw, thanks for noticing :) it really makes me happy. Happy belated Thanksgiving, hope you have a yummy day!

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