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Sun, Oct 16 § 4 Comments


This is why I hesitate on writing actual blog posts.

And here’s the problem. I’m only able to make drawings if:

  1. I have my laptop
  2. I have my mouse
  3. I’m not feeling like I want to sleep

If I’m not making fantastic posts, then it probably means one of the three things are missing.


I totally get annoyed when bloggers blog about their birthday, so I don’t.


Okay I take it back, but get it? Get it? If you get it then you deserve a piece of cake ;-)

Thirdly (This one’s the important one!)

I was thinking about my blog while I was taking a shower (Is it just me or do ideas always come to you when you’re washing your shins?) and I decided it needed a little something.

And that something is (drum roll please) you.

Meaning if you want to co-write, contribute ideas or writings to the blog, then send me a message and I’ll post it up right here. I’ll most definitely credit the writer however way wanted, and if enough people contribute frequently, then we may even start building into a team.

It’s a pretty big idea for me, and quite raw so seriously, what do you think about it?


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§ 4 Responses to Must Read

  • humanous says:

    Sometimes i wish i had some painting skills to accompany my writing, it can get a bit tedious when I can’t come up with a good picture in my posts, luckily there’s google!

    You’re idea sounds good by the way, it could make way for a broader audience to one anothers blog, and that is obviously win-win!

    Go take a shower, need more ideas! And frankly.. You do smell a bit.

    have a good one!

  • blogger x says:

    I reallllly like ur posts. Please keep them coming!!! :)

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