Vancouver, Canada

Sat, Jul 23 § 11 Comments

I have wanted to post about my one-day trip to Vancouver, Canada, and now I REALLY want to post about it! Did you hear about the huge riot there? Good thing my trip was on Saturday June 4th, and not on Wednesday June 15th, the day of the riot.

Flipped cars, fires, street fights, looting, and a whole lot more destruction because the Vancouver Canucks just lost against the Boston Bruins in hockey for the Stanley Cup. Yeah, hockey over there is BIG. It’s like how football and the Superbowl is so big over in the states. I remember, when I was in Vancouver, passing by Boston Pizza’s big sign hanging in front with the “Boston” crossed out and replaced with “Vancouver.”

Yes. Crazy, no?

Okay, time for talking about what I did in Vancouver!

  • I had to sit in the car for two hours listening to old opera music.
  • In the car, I couldn’t open a container of butter cookies:

Oh . . . the cover's taped.


Time to break out the keys!

Finally, yummy butter cookies!

  • We’re at the border, and there’s only one other car in front of us! (Yesss!)

Sittin' in the backseat looking at the right . . .

Then looking at the left.

  • We finally got to the other side.
  • Eat!

Er, well yes, it is. I never finished this post so it was saved as a draft. Then I suddenly had Alzheimer’s, so it’s been hanging in my drafts box since then. And I didn’t want to waste such hard work, so . . . you know, I posted it.

Okay, how about I make it up to you? With more pictures!


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