Why I Hate Family Gatherings

Tue, Jul 12 § 16 Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I totally love my family and all that good stuff but I hate going to family gatherings.

I mean, you will probably see a lot of people who aren’t related to you at all.

There will be a lot of aunts who will dote on you.

They’ll ask you generic questions, which you would have to politely answer, which they would forget the day after.

You have to act like the polite and gracious girl parents would be proud of raising. But most of the time, I don’t want/like to talk to the adults, and this is what they think.

Seriously? This just grinds my gears and boils my blood. Just because I don’t “socialize” with people three times my age definitely does not mean I don’t have friends.

And so that’s why you go late.


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§ 16 Responses to Why I Hate Family Gatherings

  • Aulbrey says:

    Lolz,I totally agree. wish me luck on my family reunion!! Its in like 2 weeks.

  • shyspirit says:

    so true!! i totally uderstand what your going through….

  • doom010 says:

    lol….its so true…….and i hate it when they say……”Hey you remember me?(they say that and then they look at me expectantly…..) i am your xxxxxxxx…..(and when they tell how they’re related i bet that i would be half-asleep by then)……i used to come to your house frequently when you were kid” and also when i keep seeing the same faces at many different occasions and i dont know how they’re related or who they are(other than the fact that they are my relatives…)…..

    • her says:

      hahahah i know right! when they’ve seen you when you were like, three, and they expect you to remember them, and when they ask you if you do, then you have to awkwardly shake your head or be like, “. . . uh, a little?” hahahha

      • doom010 says:

        lol…..yeah….and the worst part is, i have to attend a family gathering today….hope it goes out well…….hahaha

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah totally in! that’s true :)

  • Anonymous says:

    They’re soo alike. Ppl often say that we’re shy and so on but they dont really know the real us. I mean, we do not behave the same with them thats all. They shouldn’t be criticizing us!
    We may act crazy towards OUR society ;)
    so dont give a damn! :) let em think what they want ;)
    you’re going to surprise them someday :D

    cheers x

  • Emily says:

    I have a huge family down in Kentucky (yes, everything they say about them is true…) and we were going to a reunion. I didn’t want to go alone for all the reasons mentioned above, so I took my friend with me. We got there and my third cousin came over and grabbed my friend into a bear hug, practically crying because she was so happy to see her after so many years. “The last time I saw you, you were bouncing on your daddy’s knee!” My cousin walked off to get some food, and my friend and I were cracking up. No, she is not related, and also she’s never met her dad. From then on I brought a friend and reunions were fun :)

    • her says:

      i couldn’t help but smile at that :D i’d bring friends along too, but i’m a terrible host and they sometimes end up extremely bored (but then again there wasn’t much to do in the first place).

  • sami116 says:

    HAHAHA!! Freaking hilarious and true to every detail.

  • Sparkle says:


    I used to hate such questions when I was in school too.. but now.. well I think I have turned into *them* as I ask the same questions.. :|

    Still I don’t like family gatherings..

  • Tilly says:

    ok I don’t know how old this article is but I will comment on it anyway.
    I hate it when they talk like it’s a crime for me to be “shy” when I am NOT shy (I just hate talking to people other than my friends and immediate fams).

    it makes me cringe when they go “oh come on don’t be shy, it’s okay”… like I’m some kind of FOB immigrant who doesn’t even speak English or something. oh BTW I AM an immigrant but I do speak English, like I stated before I just hate talking to people I don’t associate with.

    gosh I so hate family gathering s and parties

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