I Deserve a Cookie

Mon, Jun 20 § 6 Comments

YES, FINALLY FINISHED! *does manly chest-thump*

Song title: Pretend

Artist: Lights

Programs used: After Effects Cs4, Adobe Illustrator Cs5

Time took to finish: two weeks

Hardships?: YES! While I was in the middle of working, I accidentally pressed the Home key and messed up all the keyframes — and I couldn’t undo it! I also forgot to save the work, so, yeah . . . imagine how frustrated I got. So then I redo it again, and guess what? I accidentally press on the darn Home key again! (And moments later the Blue Screen of Death appears and then the computer shuts down on itself.) I once more was so steamed at the crapload of time I wasted, but I put on my Big Girl pants and redid everything again, while saving every five minutes of course.

Will there be a next time?: This took a very, very, Danyang-Kunshan-Grand-Bridge-long time, so I may possibly make another animation during summer. (Imagine the “possibly” is uber tiny.)


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