I LOVE Math Tests Compared to Reading Tests

Fri, Jun 3 § 8 Comments

When you’re taking a reading test, there are always these LONG passages about boring things like a random non-fiction article about lions or a Shakespeare script or an excerpt from Huckleberry Finn. And sometimes the questions just make you think, Why did I not learn this in my Language Arts class?

You start drifting away, staring at that dot on the wall or your crush who sits across from you and then looks up and sees you looking at him and you look back down and continue your test and act like nothing happened while he’s probably thinking that you’re a little creepy.

Then you don’t even bother to answer with “your best effort.” You pick the hard decision of which letter to choose by eeny, meeny, miny, moe. You pick letter B for the next question. Then A. Then D. Then you realize that you just spelled B-A-D.

Once, I saw a test question where the multiple choice answers were:


I literally said to myself, . . . What the f — naw just kidding, I figured it had something to do with the poem’s rhyme scheme.

But seriously, what I hate about all this literature stuff is that it’s too broad and abstract. I would just simply like to read, not analyze a page of words and conjure a concept which the author possibly wasn’t even initially intending.


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§ 8 Responses to I LOVE Math Tests Compared to Reading Tests

  • patty says:

    have fun studying for the SAT! :)

  • ilovegray says:

    so true that math tests are easier…except i like English better soooooooooooo… :)

    • her says:

      blegh crazy girl! just kidding :) i bet you’re going to become a successful writer someday (in general or as a profession). i prefer spanish over l.a. though ;)

  • edwincov says:

    I agree with you! Who knows if the author was on drugs when he came up with the idea for his story, I mean who cares, really? I guess it makes sense now that writing is considered an art. . . this seriously just came to me now, it is definitely as broad and abstract as those paintings people stare at for hours trying to identify what the artist was trying to express through a painting. Just enjoy it and stop questioning it!

    The above passage’s main point is

    a) All authors do drugs
    b) Authors are really painters
    c) Don’t question the above passage
    d) abba

    Psst.. I’m guessing C.


  • Anonymous says:

    Hi, My name is Jordan Abernathy i’m 15 and in 9th grade and I LOVE MATH TEST TO! Not so reading tests. But I do LOVE to read! I thought I was the ONLY person in the world that LOVES MATH TESTS but I guess i’m not! Just wanted to tell you that! I have a fb you can look for me if you want!

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