The Most Loved and Hated: Presents

Sun, May 22 § 4 Comments

When I accept gifts I would usually be surprised and love this gift. If it’s not something I wanted, then I’d suck it up then later stash it in the back of your closet and never let it see daylight again, or to regift it to someone else (once, my mom accidentally regifted my aunt a present that was originally from her — this is an example of what you want to remember not to do).

On the other hand, I hate picking a gift for someone else because I can never choose the “right” present, and the price ranges — you don’t want to lavishly spend money but you also don’t want to seem cheap.

But the biggest peeve is when I give a present to someone and they complain about it — okay, some scenarios are pretty bad, like if someone were to get a bag of snickers (probably from Halloween) for Christmas and you’re severely allergic to nuts . . . I wouldn’t blame you. But if it’s something that’s nice and logical, then don’t ask me why I’m so cheap or exclaim that I got you trash for your birthday, or actually get mad at me for not asking you what you wanted in the first place — I mean really, isn’t that one of the best parts of presents, the element of surprise? — because I could equally have just not given you anything.

Brush up and please don’t make me hate you after spending all that time shopping and worrying.


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