Loner: the New Loser

Wed, May 18 § 5 Comments

Me. Sitting here. Now. Alone. Feeling like a Lonely Loser because everyone else is having fun with their friends somewhere while I’m here at home not enjoying the sun and growing old. Sigh. 

Students get a day off early today, and I got a nonexistent invitation as  Friend #1 basically dumped me to go somewhere with her other friends. I asked Friend #2 if she wanted to hang out but she had an orthodontist appointment. And no, I didn’t have a chance to ask a Friend #3, but I’m sure they’re busy anyway.

So here I am being sappy and mellow about my missed opportunity feeling like a crab.

Though when you think about it, how do people deal with being lonely? (Honestly I think it’s awkward and makes me squirm a little.) How do people get away from doing the “uncool” things? Would being “cool” necessarily help you gain respect? Maybe I just need to be more confident and optimistic. Yes that’s it. See, now I have two extra hours to finish school work, make blog posts, or watch a movie! *Nods in triumph.*

UPDATE: The drawing I made in my two free hours. (A real moment that happened after school ended today.)


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§ 5 Responses to Loner: the New Loser

  • miss fung says:

    just started up with plinky a few days ago, thought i’d randomly click around and stumbled upon your page cause your first name is the same as mine!

    thought it also be appropriate to leave a comment if i was to read through your blog…

    as for being lonely, john mayer’s got a great song called “perfectly lonely” that you should’ve played to make yourself feel better :)

    • her says:

      Nice, *high five* Anita! I’m listening to the song right now, thanks for the recommendation. Reminds me of Bad Day by Daniel Powter, how listening to that song would make me better if I have a bad day. I like the song “Say” also by John Mayer.

  • iheartpie462 says:

    When I was a loner when I was seven, I played with my shadow. Don’t know if that will help though. (But don’t dis the shadow)

  • I felt the same a few days back, nice post!

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