Two Things To Talk Tbout

Sun, May 15 § 5 Comments

  • Guess what delicious discovery I recently found?
  • An equation to keep in mind.

Yes, it’s the thing that you just clicked; the read the rest of this entry link! I find this discovery extremely fascinating — I mean, imagine how much more quickly readers would be able to browse through posts. But then again, I only post twice every week so it’s not like anyone really needs to browse. And I guess it does make sense that showing full posts lets the frequent visitors access the post quicker.
Okay I conclude that I may never use the read the rest of this entry link again.

Oh, and talking about people visiting and reading my posts —

Blog + Subscribers = An Extremely Ecstatic And Excited Blogger

To the people who actually like reading the stuff I make: Thank you, you make my day. And seriously, subscribing to a blog is like giving a huge compliment to the author. But not only do I feel extremely fabulous, but I also feel a tad bit pressured, because, contrary to before, unsubscribing from a blog is a little scary. I haven’t tried stock, but you know that feeling when you invest into something big and one day you watch in horror as that investment sinks? Or that one time when you’re just hoping and hoping that you’ll have a chance for that job but then a letter comes stating that you weren’t even picked for the interview? Yeah, that’s how a blogger would feel. Except she would get over it much quicker, and it wouldn’t ruin her life or anything.

And the fact that some of her readers are older and smarter and more mature does not ease the problem of age difference. So in whatever the case where I sound snobby/whiny/childish/lazy/ungrateful/selfish/nasty/disrespectful/self-centered/prickly/horrendous/stubborn/sassy/juvenile/naïve/dishonest/irresponsi-ble/temperate/spoiled/unhappy/ignorant/troublesome

or materialistic, just remember: nobody’s perfect. :)

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