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Tue, Apr 26 § 4 Comments

Yesterday, I was browsing through some awesome blogs and I thought, man, I really need to step up my game. Maybe this equates to me blogging more often or writing longer posts, I don’t know. I want to aspire to the point where I have more than two subscribers, and at least one comment on each post. [If you have any advice or comments, just comment below (duh) or give feedback at the bottom of the contact page.]

Uhkay so I’ve thought out three kinds of blogs, and don’t be offended because judgement lies in perspective of the viewer.

The unread until needed blogs

These blogs are usually for business purposes. Majority of people only visit these blogs if it’s connected to the company’s website. Also, the majority of people never visit that blog again.

The one side of the bridge blogs

Have a hobby or topic you love and need to learn more about? These blogs help quench that thirst for words. Sometimes these blogs don’t feel original at all, like the millions of blogs about blogging. You have to find the right blog with the right blogger that doesn’t make the topic dull after a few months. Usually these readers have jobs and kids.

The throw whatever you find together blog

Ginger? Got it! Butter? Right here! Unicorn root from a cave in Southern Africa — I think the capital of Zimbabwe? Uh . . . found it! 

These blogs are also known as “personal blogs.” There are various types of personal blogs. Some has lengthy blog posts with professional pictures and are updated on a regular basis, while some has random photos of shoes, a long rant with inappropriate words, and comics that abundantly undertake the absence of intellectual sophistication.


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§ 4 Responses to I’m a Blooger Blogger

  • Kristin Brænne says:


  • bobcb518 says:

    The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare.
    I tried the personal blog. Gag. Who wants to read boring stuff about people they don’t even know? I do have one, but I keep it on private.
    On my bob518 blog, most of my hits come from google searches. 50,545 hits and only 35 comments. Oh well.
    This comment is already too long and starting to sound creepy. Bye.

    P.S. I lol’d at this post and I never lol

  • I like your blog as it is already.<3 But I'll try and think of some helpful stuff after reading it. Yes, all of it. Because I'm fabulous like that!

  • Well I have some good news for you, I just subscribed to your blog!If you want more viewers, one thing that my friends and I do is make a link on each others blogs. For this you will need the blogroll widget, and the URL of the site you want to link to. I will if you will!

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