That Girl Got Game

Mon, Apr 11 § Leave a comment

Have you ever seen an Asian girl shooting hoops, or at least holding a basketball? It seems foreign, right? That’s what ticks me off about society.

“Never understimate the heart of a champion.”

It’s the fact that the majority don’t respect the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) — when do you ever see the championships on television? — and  you never see an Asian or Hispanic in the games, only Blacks or Whites.

Even if it’s not professional basketball, I hate when I’m at the basketball court and all the boys look at me like they’re thinking, Why in the world is that girl holding a basketball? Is she really going to try? And I always have that thought teasing me in the back of my head, They don’t respect you playing basketball because you’re not Black.

If only things can play out like: I like to hoop, you like to hoop? Bam-kabam, we should play.

But shoot, I don’t care if I’m a girl or a guy; if I can play, then I can play. Forget you if you if you think you’re better than me just because you got bells; I can do better than any man in the world.

Bottom line is: don’t be an asswhipe and just let me play my game.


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