April Fool’s ƒ∂¡¦ 2011

Sat, Apr 2 § 2 Comments


I was planning to change my Facebook birthday to April 1st, watch everyone post birthday wishes on my wall, then at the end of the day post, “Thanks for all the wishes, but too bad it’s not my birthday. Happy April Fool’s!”

But! Oh my goodness, I thought I changed my settings, but turned out that my birthday setting was still private! DARN IT!!!!!!!! I’m so bummed. I’ll have to wait another year.

Turned out Facebook was the one that duped me.

An extra drawing for you!

Don’t worry; I’ll try to get better at my drawing as I progress ;-)  (I hope)

Have a fantastic day!


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§ 2 Responses to April Fool’s ƒ∂¡¦ 2011

  • whodawhatnow says:

    hi, its whodawhatnow, thanks for commenting. i like your drawings. i have a friend who is an amasing anime artist, its soooo fun to watch people draw.

    • Her says:

      Hah, I also have a few friends who like to draw manga and anime stuff. Thank you for the comment too; I appreciate it

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