Lesson Learned Later

Mon, Mar 28 § 4 Comments

Brush and floss your teeth!!

When I was little, I was quite a “badass” (because that’s how I roll) so I would go to the bathroom and wet my toothbrush, wait for a minute or so, then lie to my parents that I brushed my teeth. I also would never, ever, ever floss. Well, actually, I flossed around one tooth (which was my favorite tooth at that time) so now it’s nice and straight.

Now, my teeth are a little crooked and a little yellow (yuck, I know), and people judge you by your smile, so it sort of sucks. The moral is: make brushing and flossing a habit ASAP, then you’ll be set.

PS: I might bet braces (nooooo!).

PPS: Actually, I think braces make people look a little better.

PPPS: But I’d still rather not have braces.


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§ 4 Responses to Lesson Learned Later

  • Lydia says:

    Braces aren’t too bad, they don’t hurt after the first few days

  • Yeah it really isn’t as horrible as people say. I got clear brackets so you can barely notice them [if you are far away] but they do hurt for the first few days, and when the dentist tightens them. Also don’t eat boiled lollies, I did and my teeth got temporarily stuck together!

    • Her says:

      Haha that reminds me when I once put my lips on a freezing ice cream on a stick, and my lips got stuck to the ice cream! I was so scared that I wouldn’t be able to ever get it off.

      That’s neat–clear brackets (reminds me of Invisalign). I think I’m going to get mine over the summer. Hmm seems worth it. Though I think it would be a pain wearing retainers everyday after getting the braces off (or I’m probably over-reacting again). ;)

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