Snow Tubing Questions and Answers

Sat, Mar 12 § Leave a comment

Just yesterday, I went on a school trip up to the mountains to go tubing.

Is it fun?

At first, yes. But after a while, it got boring.

What is snow tubing?

Basically, there’s this tube thing that you hop on then ride down a snow lane. It’s like riding a rollercoaster, except it lasts for ten seconds and you’re sitting in a tube on snow. When you get to the bottom, drag your tube and hook it to a tubing lift, sit back on the tube, and you’ll slowly be pulled up toward the top of the slope again. Or, you can choose to walk your tube up (a great workout). Then repeat the process.

How does it feel?

Your guts feel suspended in the air like you’re flying. Little snow pieces are hitting your face like daggers. You get a little dizzy if your tube spins around.

How much did it cost?

For me, it cost about $35 including transportation and ticket.

How long does it take to get to the mountains and back?

Traveling by bus, it took a little over an hour to get there, another hour to get back. The last time I traveled by car, it took about two hours to get there.

Snowboarding, skiing, or tubing?

I find snowboarding much more fun.

Would you go again?

Probably not. In my opinion, it’s not really something I would want to pay for.


Have your own experiences or questions you’d like to share? Comment below. By the way, sorry if this post sounds so dreary. My face is red from yesterday (I forgot to wear sunscreen!) and I’m not very happy about it. Anyway, toodle-loo!


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