Let’s Have an Applause for the Women

Tue, Mar 8 § Leave a comment

Happy International Women’s day!

I was watching a YouTube video and it stated, “Did you know women perform two-thirds (2/3) of the world’s work, produce half (1/2) of the world’s food, but earns just ten percent (10%) of the income, and own one percent (1%) of property?”

Wow. Women have gone through so much crap.

– — –

Not to put down the ladies here, but I was thinking, Is it not true that it costs so much more to be a woman than a man?

  • Tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, underwear, bras
  • Menstrual necessities
  • Makeup
  • Toilet paper (females have to use more toilet paper than men)
  • Bearing a child, whether the father is there or not (food, maternity clothes)
  • Shaving (more body parts than most men, like the legs and armpits)
  • Hair! Longer hair = more care (shampoo, conditioner, straightener, curler, hairdryer, hair clips)
  • Perfume and lotion (though, men do wear cologne)
  • Nails

I realize that a lot of these materials are unessential, so maybe not a lot of females have to deal with everything on this list, but a lot do. Anyway.

Inevitably, I started thinking up a list for the men.

  • Top, bottom, undies, shoes
  • Shaver (usually just for the face)
  • Cologne
  • Paying for dates and dances
  • Being ego-maniacs (OK doesn’t count, but it’s kind of true)

And I seriously can’t think of anything else.

But! Women, don’t despair! There’s much more that we have advantages at.

  • Saying it’s the “time of the month” and getting away with things
  • We grow out our hair, it’s OK, we’re just prettier; guys grow out their hair, they look like bums
  • We can cover our zits with concealer
  • Mature faster
  • Live longer (approximately five to ten years more than men)
  • Get toned and not look like huge boulder-freaks
  • Style however we want
  • Wear skirts
  • Cry without being thought a sissy
  • Giving life
  • Having your honor defended by all the men who know you
  • And much, much more! (Sorry ladies, I’m having a brain fart.)

Lastly, believe it or not, everybody on this Earth has an X chromosome. So yes, every men are part women.


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