Confidence Will Bring You Very, Very, Very Far

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I think the secret to being beautiful is believing you’re beautiful.

You know those girls who are really serious when they ask if they look fat, or if they’re ugly, or just complaining about why they don’t have a boyfriend? It kind of disgusts me.

I just want to tell them, Get a hold of yourself! We both know that you’re not overweight, you don’t think you’re really ugly, and why in the world do you need a boyfriend! In fact, it’s probably more complicated to be in a relationship because you would be stressing about whether he’s cheating on you, and you’re going to have to text him every two minutes, and you’re going to have to go through all that roller coaster crap!

Sometimes, it’s just annoying because I also know that they’re only asking me to get a compliment back. Oh, and while we’re on that topic, some girls actually feed on compliments. It’s like they need to be called “pretty” or “cute” in order to live and feel attractive. It’s quite interesting .

Tana: I think I gained weight over the weekend . . .

Me: (Ugh, I can’t believe I have to even say this.) No, girl, you look great. Don’t be thinkin’ too much.

Or they feel so bad about themselves that they want you to pity them.

Mana: I have the worst life ever. My parents are so strict, they don’t let me go out on the weekends and they always yell at me.

Me: (Wow. Just wow.) Oh . . .

(At Mana’s house, during dinner.)

Mana’s dad: Can you refill my bowl.

(Mana frowns but gets up and refills her dad’s bowl. This is the moment where I’m supposed to feel sorry that she has to put up with such a harsh demand, and sympathise for her. Mana comes back.)

Mana’s brother: Why is Mana so nice today?

Mana: (Secret gawp, then laughs it off.)

I think one of the worst things is when they say a bad feature about you so they can feel better about themselves.

Rana: Why are you so tall?

Me: (Well my dad said it’s a good thing to be tall, so . . . ) Thanks.

Rana: You’re like a giant monster.

— — —

Rana: Your outfit so does not match.

Me: So . . . ? I like it.

Rana: Even other people have been talking about how you dress.

Me: . . .

— — —

Rana: Ha ha, you’re so flat-chested.

Me: (Kisses right fist.)

No, no, I’m not into violence, but the examples are actually taken from experience. And I did notice that in some parts, she was just being a b — oh, right. Let’s keep it clean here.

So don’t you ever dare even going near saying those annoying things that just mean you don’t have self-esteem, because the true secret to courage? Hold your head high, and let the judgments go. If you act like you don’t care, and if you act like you love yourself the way you are, then there’s a greater possibility that people can’t see your flaws. (And more likely not annoy people.)

[Someone accidentally throws a paper ball at my head because they were aiming for the recycle bin, but I got in the way (which actually happened today).]

Jake: Oh sorry about that.

Me: (Laughs at myself.) It’s all right.

(Then kabam! No one remembers what happened.)

Now what if I reacted differently?

(Someone accidentally throws a paper ball at my head.)

Me: Oh my god! What the heck! (Pats head.)

Jake: Oh sorry about that.

Me: Dude, that was so not funny. (Scowls.)

(Jake walks away and thinks about how I’m so whiny, then laughs at me behind my back.)

Or how about this:

Me: (Looking down at the floor and depressed.) Why is life so hard? And nobody loves me. I hate this!

Everyone else: (I want to go over there and comfort her, but she’s kind of pathetic. And maybe a nut-job too.)


Me: (Oh no! I got a pimple on my nose! The world’s ending!)

(I go up to my friend.)

Me: Dude I have this HUGE zit on my nose and it’s so disgusting! Can you see it?

Lana: Oh . . . Yeah.

(Lana stares at your zit for the rest of the day.)

But what if this happened?

Me: (Aw darn, I got a pimple on my nose. Oh well, it’s not a big deal.)

Lana: Hey.

Me: Sup.

(Lana never notices the zit, and my dignity lives happily ever after.)

But anyway, the gist is, If you feel a certain way about yourself, then others will most likely feel the same way too.


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