Justin Bieber is a Singer

Tue, Mar 1 § Leave a comment

Justin Bieber is just any other boy who has a great voice, was found on Youtube, and then made famous. (By the way, if you don’t know who Justin Bieber is, this post probably isn’t going to be very interesting.)

Before you start blowing steam out of your nostrils and ears and throw a pitch fork at me, hear me out.

Yes, I get that his song Baby wasn’t the best song in the whole wide world. And maybe his voice was a little high. And sure, you can bring the girl joke once or twice, but three times, it’s over. I will actually frown and raise my eyebrow (a hard skill to perfect) upon that because I’ve seriously heard, “Oh my God, Justin Bieber is a lesbian,” “Justin Bieber is gay,” “Justin Bieber? You mean that chick I saw the other day?” just about 763,583 times. It was a little funny the first time, but now it’s over. Seriously, get the fact that it’s not funny anymore. And boys: he’s as masculine as you are.

Some people are just haters. I don’t know if they just want to fit in with their friends, if they want to be funny, or if they’re jealous, but have they ever looked at their disgust and ask themselves, what is wrong?

Maybe it’s his image that reminds everyone of a Ken doll. Or maybe the fact that he’s White, he has a nice face, and he’s famous. But if you don’t like him, then just don’t buy his albums and don’t listen to his music. Jeez, some people seriously just do too much. And in case you’ve never realized it, the more you talk about Justin Bieber, the more you’re promoting him. (Yes, I know I am doing just that at this moment.)

These are the words of a girl who is not actually a fan of Justin Bieber’s (not a biggie of his songs, or even looks) so I think I know a little about how you feel. But stop overreacting.


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