So-Called Album, Feel Free, with Resurge and Framed [Lyrics]

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The album, Feel Free, was just re-released. Enjoy the lyrics of the two featured songs, Resurge and Framed.


Screaming for the last gasp,

But I can’t: I’m under water

What if my heart stops?

Reaching to grasp a float

But I can’t: I’m isolated

Water will flood my lungs

Trying to swim

But I can’t: my reflexes aren’t steady

I can sink only

For a lifetime I kick

I bob towards the sky, then submerge toward the lake’s bottom

Only time is alive

Suddenly, a glimpse of a figure

Suddenly, it holds me

Suddenly, I feel a breath


I cut my little cousin’s hair

Chopping off locks

None with care.

I remember being bored

Then she saw it

She dared herself

Just to have fun, I admit it.

I see the scissors in my hands

I feel the power to style

I cut more strands.

I feel contempt

I feel the shame

I feel the temptation

I feel the pain.

Like the speed of a hummingbird’s wings

Like the poison of amnesia

It’s quick, it’s unsoppable, and it’s deadly

Like a spider spinning a larger web

And you’re the fly.

I stop, and she repents

Then my aunt stands beside us

My cousin said I did it

My aunt asked if I did

I said no.

There, I lied.

The album was produced in 2009, which was inspired by my language art’s teacher. Two years have passed, and I have just recently decided to release the album once again.

Resurge describes the time I almost drowned in a lake at a family party. During that time, at the age of 7, I didn’t know how to swim yet, so I had to use a floating board. While I was sitting on the board, it suddenly flipped over and I felt myself sinking underneath the surface. My eyes blurred and I was suffocating. Then I caught a glimpse of a man jumping into the water, and he was holding me up. I’m not sure what the others were doing, but I can’t show enough gratitude. So the poem’s dedicated to him.

Framed is about an experience I painfully regret. I was 10, and it was the first time I lied to my aunt, though I’m not sure if she knew I was fibbing or not. I was sleeping over at my little cousin’s house, who was probably 5 at that time. We were in her room and she suddenly got the bazaar idea of cutting her hair. I also thought it would be fun, so I agreed. At first, she was going to cut her own hair but then she got scared and told me to do it. Without hesitation I started snipping. How did she look? I’m not sure, but probably quite terrible. After her parents found out, they forbade scissors in her room. I remember feeling so low when the words of denial came out my mouth. Maybe over time, I can forgive myself.


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