First Impressions Aren’t Very Accurate

Tue, Feb 15 § Leave a comment

Especially in the beginning of a new school year when  you meet all sorts of new friends and strangers, you often judge people from how they look and act. But for me, this judgement for them never holds. It’s just inaccurate, because sooner or later, I always find myself thinking about how I misread them.

For example,  there’s this one kid in my class who you would call the “class clown.” I mean, he talks and makes a lot of jokes. He’s loud, obnoxious, annoying, and I despised him because he was a distraction in class. I thought he was one of those slackers who don’t do anything but talk to his neighbors and try to act funny. But later I started noticing that he actually knew when to shut-up. Then, I learned he has good grades, he’s respectful, he talks and laughs with everyone — I mean he’s actually a really awesome person to hang out with. How unexpected, right?

In the beginning of the year, I would wonder why some students do so badly at school, or why they act in such a disrespectful behavior. But as months progressed, I would learn that many students had divorced parents, step-parents,  or siblings who were bad influences.

Try remembering your first impressions of your friends. Were they different from what you think of them now?


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