Dirty-Minded Boys Are NOT Cute

Sat, Feb 12 § 2 Comments

Warning: This is a short vent. As in, I’m a little ticked. As in, reader discretion is advised.

It’s one of the biggest things that I just don’t get. What makes guys think that by constantly making gross jokes about body parts and intercourse, he would look attractive? Uh, no, it doesn’t! In fact, it makes you look more like a future pedophile and a capital Jerk-Wad who disrespect girls. Maybe this only happens to boys while they’re going through puberty, or maybe it happens even during college. But either way, guys, please don’t sound like such an asshat. It’s not funny. Especially when they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Example 1

Guy’s Friend: I heard you were going out with (girl’s name).

Guy: Yeah. Did you see her (inappropriate word)? They’re huge. I’ma get up on it.

Me (to myself): What the heck? You seriously think your girlfriend is going to like how you’re going out with her only because of her body. You’re clueless. It doesn’t make you look or sound cool either.  You know what, I can’t even look at you. Go away.

Example 2

Guy does inappropriate movements with his body.

Me (to myself): Wait, how old are you? 10?

But seriously, it makes no sense at all.

PS: No offence, boys.


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