If Only There Was a Sleep Button

Thu, Feb 10 § 2 Comments

I’m sure this scenario have happened to everyone in their lives:

My attempt at a sleep button.

It’s the weekend so you relax, sleep near midnight, and sleep in on the next morning. Although it have only been two nights, your body’s already adjusted to sleeping late and waking up late. Then it’s Sunday night, you’re laying in bed, complaining about having to wake up early the next Monday morning to go to work or to go to school. Now you’re thinking about things that happened in the beginning of the week, and now you’re wondering when you will fall asleep. You toss and turn, then notice you’re still awake, so you’re wishing you can just fall asleep right now so you can wake up refreshed in the morning. But darn it, you just can’t seem to sleep! Then comes Monday and turned out you only had six hours of rest, you’re tired as heck, and you wish you slept earlier.

At least something similar to this have occurred in your life, right? Well if anyone happens to be a crazy inventor or a wizard, please have sympathy and make a me sleep button that only the user (me)  will be able to control, and if you can, make it red like the Staples “Easy Button.” Then, I wouldn’t have to waste so much time staring at the ceiling. I know, I know, Keep dreaming . . . though, then again . . . anything is possible.   :-)

By the way, a good tip for falling asleep is to just relax. The reason you can’t sleep is probably because you have too much on your mind.


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§ 2 Responses to If Only There Was a Sleep Button

  • wow, you say that your not into professional blogging, but you are a heck of a great blogger! or is it how i see everyone else blog just cause mine SUCK !!! anwys yah I am one of the victim of this no-early-sleeping “BUG” (i would like to call it a bugg,cause its like some bed bug all ready to bite me :P)and now im sooo used to it that i sleep only after 12 midnight(notice my name) and i snooze out during class and yah my teachers think that i might be having love problems( screw them :/)anwyz i neeeeeed that button too!! desperately!

    • Her says:

      lol Thanks! :D Nah I like your blog because it’s so true. Hehe cheesy joke: I need to call the exterminator to take out this sleep bug! :) Idk.

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