What to Do in Four Awkward Situations

Thu, Feb 3 § 3 Comments

So you’re waiting at the bus stop and a creepy homeless person sits down on the sidewalk near you. You start freaking out and worry about whether you’re in danger or not. What do you do?

Flip out your phone.

You having your phone indicates that if anybody tries to get near you, you have the ability to call 911 in an instant, and to hurt someone’s face very badly (as in throw your phone right at their face).

Now you’re at school, it’s lunch time and you tell your friend that girls wearing Uggs are ugly. You turn around and a girl wearing Uggs glare at you. What do you do?

Flip out your phone (once again)  and walk away.

Look down at your phone like you suddenly have a text message. Hope that the girl has Alzheimer’s and walk away.

Blame it on your friend.

Say to your buddy, “Oh my goodness, that’s so rude! I wear Uggs, you know!” (By the way, some buddy you are.)

Act like you have a sudden “urgency.”

Wince, crouch over, and fake stomach pain. Tell your friend you need to go to the bathroom, and limp off.

Reply with, “But not you. . .”

And see what happens.

You’re walking in the mall and suddenly someone calls out your name. You turn to see, and think, Oh great . . . it’s that girl from the party last week. What’s her name again? What do you do?

Take out your phone (Bottom line, use your phone to get yourself out of awkward situations!) and start texting, hoping the person will eventually go away.

Or just tell her you’re on an errand and need to meet someone.

Have your friend introduce herself.

Once again, your partner saves your butt as she offers her name, and the mystery girl does the same.

Avoid bringing up anything that would lead to her name.

“Hey (person’s name)!” >> “Hey. . . !” (Trail off after your hi.)

“What’s your phone number?” (You would then have to add her to your contacts, and tell me how you would do that if you don’t know her name.)

“What’s your name?” (Well . . .)

You’re sitting at the park and far off, you see a cute boy smile and wave at you. You say, “Hey!” and start wondering if you knew the boy, but then another girl from behind you run into the scene and hugs him. You then widen your eyes and realize the he was actually talking to the other girl! What do you do?


Look at your fingernails, scrape your feet on the ground, look the other way, check your text messages, pinch yourself, whatever. Just look away and act busy so the boy will think, Gee, did the girl over there say that? Well she’s awfully busy over there, so I don’t think she noticed me. Maybe the voice was actually from this girl in my arms. Then the couple walks away. Of course, he also might just think you’re a complete nut-job.

Maybe you’re wondering, But what do I do with the rest of those little awkward moments? Usually, you’re embarrassed during awkward moments, so I say just blush, laugh at yourself, then move on. Chances are, people are too bothered with their own embarrassing times to remember yours.

Oh, and your cell phone would come in handy.


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§ 3 Responses to What to Do in Four Awkward Situations

  • jackadiao says:

    Haha! they are very amusing.
    And how about this one that happened on myself. It was not a movie scene, but a real awkward situation before chinese new year.

    You feel so so boring when you are in a long but barren manager’s meeting of company. you realize you have no anything else to do after you have drawn some pictures of Picasso style and have done some beautiful(I think)calligraphy with all the names of the meeting members around you. What do you do next?
    1. Shake your leg slightly but quickly (but be sure your phone is on the silence mode, if not….)
    2. Take your phone out from your pocket(again right?, it is really a great invention for so many situations ).
    3. Checking the screen of phone with showing the others a serious and mysterious impression (of course there is nothing on it. no any call, no any messege you got)
    4. Put your phone near one of your ears (not both, ha) and slide yourself out from the meeting room just like the pace of Micheal Jackson.
    5. To do the work which you think really important for you.
    From beijing adiao

    • Her says:

      Adiao!! You got a wordpress :D Sorry I didn’t get to talk to you recently; I’ve been quite busy. But nice tip. Haha learn from the masters (a.k.a. us).

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