Girl in P.E. Class Ticks Me Off

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This will be my first true vent, and there will be profane language (cursing, bad words, swearing), bad use of grammar (usage of words that aren’t real), and slight racism. Please don’t be offended.

Reader Discretion Is Advised.

UPDATE: I replaced the bad words with more suitable red text.

Second semester started today so my sixth period classed changed to P.E. (aka physical education) and we basically just sat through 45 minutes of talking from the P.E. teachers. For the last 10 minutes, we had free time to play basketball, so I decided to join these lower-grade students. I think there were two girls and one boy playing, but there were some people who were lingering around so I’m not sure if they were playing too. My friend Hafso also wanted to play basketball, so she asked the one who was wearing a white shirt and full on sticking out her body parts if she could play, and I’m not sure if the girl didn’t hear her but she acted like a mean person and yelled out something like, “Excuse me! We’re in a game here, get out!” Wow. That was really rude.

Mean person, sit your butt down. So I straight up asked her if I could play, and shoot, if she said no then someone’s butt is bousta get kicked. Like I thought, the she started picking out the teams, Hafso started playing, and everything was okay. But then the girl wanted to pair herself with the boy and she wanted me to pair up with the other girl, who looked mixed, but the boy objected and said something like it wasn’t fair and that she was in the varsity basketball team. I really didn’t care who was on my team, so I was kind of confused but in the end, the girl and Hafso was on my team and some guys were on the other team.

  1. The girl went back and stood far, far apart, like the length of a regular car, then checked with the boy. What the heck? I was thinking, is that how people are supposed to check? They’re hella far away from each other!
  2. The other team started with the ball, and when the black boy had the ball, I was hoping that the girl would D up (put up defense) on him, since she seemed to be all over him. But then this mean girl was yelling at us to move and get the ball. Well sorry ’bout that, but it seems like your butt is already on that.
  3. She somehow got the ball, kept it, traveled, didn’t pass, didn’t shoot. At all. And runs around half-dribbling the ball. The heck?? We ain’t playing Chase! Shoot, this darn mean girl be telling other people to “get the ball” but she can’t even play right!
  4. She runs around with the ball. She’s open. I’m waiting for her to pass the ball so I can shoot. The boy lets her pass but she doesn’t. She goes and starts running. WHAT THE heck IS SHE DOING? She goes and sits down on the bleachers, still holding the ball. By now I’m very annoyed because this girl obviously isn’t for real. The boy must have mistaken when he said she as in varsity team.
  5. The P.E. teacher blows the whistle and man, I’m done with this dookie.

I got so very mad. I really, really hate the fools who act like they’re the everything when they’re not. I’m not saying I’m better at basketball than the girl, but all I can really say to her is: Girl please, obviously your best position in the court is on the bleachers.

Author's note: This is my bad side. I know I may have over-reacted a tiny 
bit, but that's what happens when you're angry. Anyway, please know that 
I'm not trying to offend anyone (I actually forgive the girl now) for I 
want this blog to stay handy-dandy. Well, toodle-oo now! XOXOXO

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