Nearsightedness is Not Fun

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Like hundreds of millions of people out there, I have eye glasses and it’s really a pain. Over the years, my eyesight became worse from reading books in dim lighting and excessively using the computer. I still remember the sweet days where I would be able to see a sign yards away and my best friend, who has glasses at that time, wouldn’t be able to see it. But in fifth grade, another classmate couldn’t see words on the board, and she was teased that she needed glasses. I then became quite afraid, since I also couldn’t see the words. In sixth grade, I knew my vision was blurry, as I couldn’t see the features of a picture hung up in my room clearly. I got my glasses with bifocals, where there are two lenses put together, the top lens is stronger for farther distance and the bottom lens is weaker for reading or writing.

A year later, I got another pair of glasses that was much stronger and weren’t bifocals, but I really hated wearing them. It made things look distorted and was clearly too strong, so I went back to wearing the first pair for the rest of that year. A few weeks ago, before I went to the clinic to have another eye exam, my dad found out I have been wearing my first pair of glasses for two years and barely used my second pair. He was really upset, since I just wasted a pair of expensive glasses, so this time he wants to make sure I use my third pair.

I just got my new purple glasses a few days ago, and the lenses are supposed to be stronger than the first pair, but weaker than the second pair.  Though, after using them for a few minutes, I became a little dizzy. When I look toward my side, the view felt very warped, and when I got home I got a headache. I really don’t like my new glasses and would very much like to return it and get bifocals instead. The thing is, I’m not sure if I’m able to do so, and my dad spent extra money for the third pair. After a brief discussion with my dad, we settled that I should wear my new glasses for a week, and see if I would still like to exchange it.

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I probably sounded very worn out in the last three paragraphs. It’s because I don’t like thinking about how I have to deal with the new glasses, I really, really, really hate optometrists now. You’d think they would like to help the patient to do whatever they can to help them get better eyesight, but I have a feeling it’s the complete opposite. This is my opinion and my opinion only. I think that optometrists only want to sell glasses, I mean how else are they going to get their money? So what they do, is that even if your eyesight is just a little poor, they tell you that you need glasses. At first they give you weak lenses and tell you to wear them everyday so your eyes can suffocate and get worse. When you go back, they then do another check-up, and their motive is a success. Your eyesight is even worse, so they make your glasses double the strength and tell you that you need to wear them to get better (which is total chicken turd). Your vision gets even worse, so you go back and ask them if your vision could ever become better, but what they do is shake their head and tell you that at this point, you really have no choice but to depend on the glasses. If your vision is blurred then you strain more, and it’s bad for your eyes. Are you joking? They tricked me! I fell right into their nasty trap! If they could make my eyesight better in the beginning, then they should have tried to do so. But they didn’t. What they did was make my eyesight worst and fool me. It’s an ongoing cycle that’s never going to end. I’m just going to keep going back until I’m blind. It’s so upsetting that I just want to curse them with bad vision, and see if they like a dose of their own medicine.

I want to go to a new clinic and seriously ditch the new glasses because I don’t think it’s a good sign if it gives you headaches. I’ve heard of the Bate’s method and tried some of his techniques. Doctor William Horatio Bates thought that the reason people get bad eyesight is from the habit of straining, thus he made techniques that would relieve your eyes. I’m not sure if it works but heck, it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Contacts are tempting, but I have a feeling it’s also part of their plan. I want to keep wearing my first pair of glasses, I don’t see why I must have such strictness in my clarity of eyesight.


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