I Have a Bad Math Teacher

Sat, Jan 29 § 3 Comments

When I first saw my math teacher, I could already tell there would be a problem. First I have to say that yes, I did judge a book by a cover. Shame, shame – I know. But think about it: a 60-year-old granny who has a slightly hunched back with the personality of a dandy . . . teaching math? Furthermore, teaching math to teenagers? Someone hold a stop-sign for me.

Because the class before ours was regular math and we were honor’s math, she would take her time to “transition.” It’s pretty ridiculous, I mean, how long does it even take to “transition?” For her, it’s around 10 minutes out of our 55 minute class time. Then, she would give us a warm-up. Actually, I don’t even think it should be called the “warm-up” because it might as well be the whole “lesson.” She’d give us one or two (at most) problems, then give us about 20 minutes to figure it out, though we would only spend 5 minutes on each problem. I mean, HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK? Fortunately for her we have a jail system in America. Gnarl, gnarl.

Good job, she learned to check the homework while we were working on the warm-up, but, she doesn’t even check the homework. She just glimpses at the paper, and if it has enough numbers then you’re set. You’re probably thinking, well she probably takes very little time checking the homework. WRONG! If you were stuck on a problem, then she would offer to explain. At first, I was cool with that, but I later realized that because of this, she takes forever to get across the room since she fails at explaining things, as in, she would just confuse the student even more. And you guessed it: confusedness = more explaining.

The teacher then hurriedly goes over the answer key for the homework. Nope, she doesn’t ask us to present what we did. In the beginning of the year, she actually did all the questions herself then made us compare our answers to hers. But recently, she started using the teacher’s textbook. Usually, I would become too lazy to compare the answers, so I would resent finishing the homework even more, since I know I wouldn’t even be able to correct it.

By now, class would be about over,  but sometimes we have enough time to start on our math homework. Also, I would be finished with homework from other classes, which I do openly even if I sit in the front row.

Alas, I checked out a few math books, and hopefully they can help me out! Wish me luck!

P.S.  The counselor didn’t help.


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